Sheepdog’s flagship line of refreshing cold brew is a naturally caffeinated and flavour forward drinking experience.  Organic, low in calories & as natural as possible, Sheepdog is about celebrating the good times by bringing a fourth-wave coffee movement to an audience and inspiring millions of people to make healthier drinking decisions along the way.

Refreshingly light with only 3 Calories and 0 grams of sugar per can. No Dairy, no allergens.

You get around the same level of caffeine as a regular medium espresso coffee. Our 12 oz bottles contain 148mg of caffeine.

Highest quality, Rain Forest Alliance™ Organic beans from farmers and workers who are justly compensated.

Our cold brew is 3/4 less acidic than hot brewed coffee. Cold Brewed, cold filtered & cold filled, every bottle of Sheepdog delivers roundness and pure coffee flavour.

No chemistry degree required. All our ingredients are as real as can be.

We got your back, coffee prepared at low temperatures preserves a higher ratio of healthy antioxidants.

Sheepdog is gluten free, made from 100% non-gmo coffee beans.

All natural ingredients, no preservatives or artificial whatevers.